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Doctors recommend electric toothbrush-there’s a much better method – Video

More than half of the German attack when brushing the teeth even toothbrush always to the conventional hand. But worry not electric toothbrushes are much better for healthy teeth? FOCUS-Online expert Stephan Ziegler says, is what nourishes the Teeth better.

The manual toothbrush was one of the first instruments to dental care. And is also today still many in use. Although most dentists now electric toothbrush rates – also FOCUS-Online expert Stephan Ziegler. He confirmed: Electric brushes maintain actually better.

The best cleaning, however, ultrasonic brushes are of the latest Generation (the display). With around 30,000 to 50,000 movements per Minute you clean much faster. And the even more gums gently, since you don’t have to exercise while Brushing a lot of pressure. In the case of exposed tooth necks, which is especially important.

Also, the sound mixed with the saliva in vibration. This can reach even hard-to-reach spaces between teeth and food, flush out residues. However, the expert advises: complete the cleaning in addition, through the space between brushes (display) or dental floss (display).

Stephan Ziegler is a principal dentist and founder of the KU64-the dental practice in Berlin.