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Dairy products protect the heart

A milk products supplemented Mediterranean diet is suitable for people with an increased risk for cardiovascular disease better than a low-fat diet. New research results from the University of South Australia.

To cardiovascular illnesses, is often recommended to reduce fat in the diet. The Mediterranean diet is known that it has a positive impact on health. Australian researchers have compared how an advanced Mediterranean diet with two to three milk products per day compared to a low-fat diet affects the health. In Australia, cardiovascular diseases are the cause of death on a lonely peak, all twelve minutes someone dies there is a Person in it.

The researchers found that blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol and even the mood and the intellectual functions of the participants in the study at the advanced Mediterranean diet improved in comparison to the low-fat diet. First author Alexandra Wade points out that Australians consume too little dairy products and therefore Calcium: "These needs are not covered by the traditional Mediterranean diet." The study show a healthier Option with more milk products, which fit better to the needs of many people.

The typical Mediterranean diet includes cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grain bread, pasta, cereals, a moderate fish, and consumption of red Wine and little red meat, sweet and processed food rates. It contains up to two servings of dairy products every day, but only in about half of the recommended amount for Calcium. The German society for nutrition recommends for adults aged 19 years, 1,000 milligrams of the Mineral per day. This can be, for example, with a quarter of a litre of milk, two slices of Gouda cheese and a Cup of yogurt.


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