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Coronavirus: Why the fear is so great

The Coronavirus is from the topic number is 1, and the fear of it is fueled by school closings, restrictions on public life and the empty supermarket shelves locking. A psychologist explains why the sense of Threat is so strong and how we can deal with it.

For many people, the fear of the potential health and economic consequences of the Covid is growing-19 pandemic. Prof. Dr. Nadia Sosnowsky-Waschek, Professor of health and Clinical psychology at the SRH University of Heidelberg, described by way of examples, why the disease is so threatening is perceived:

Every day we weigh many times the risk to our health when we make decisions about whether we should buy a bag of Chips or a yellow traffic light passed. Because the risk is classified as low, land the car, the Chips in the shopping and it is given Gas. While we have to make daily decisions routinely, we do it for the first Time with a new type of Virus, its consequences for the individual, the family and the economy are in a bad estimate.

New risks are often überschätzt

People tend to take familiar risks, to underestimate, to overestimate rare and new, however. In addition, the infection is difficult to control: A plane crash, you can’t escape by flying. In the case of the Coronavirus, we know, however, many things are not exactly about what is the distance to the next Person enough to be sure. The many and sometimes conflicting information, further contribute to the uncertainty, and the assessment process puts us under a lot of Stress.

Routines help in the current Situation

Sosnowsky-Waschek advises, to make it conscious and to develop new, helpful routines, such as washing your hands, other greeting rituals or the avoidance of crowds of people. A positive, flexible approach to the new Situation helps you: read A good book, to do home gym exercises, or a long bath. And last but not least: Sometimes it is better to treat yourself to a break from the many information and messages by turning off the life Ticker.


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