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Commute: Require favors colds

Anyone who commutes by public transport such as Bus and rail to work, with flu-like infections. Particularly commuters, who often require longer and is on the road at risk. According to new research at London underground commuters.

Commuters using the metro on-the-go, often pass stations, where many people stop. This could help you with the disease infect, which are transmitted over the air pathogens. Especially commuters, who are no longer on the road and require, are infected more often with cold viruses. The reports of Dr. Lara Goscé of the Department of civil engineering and Dr. Anders Johansson, Department of Technical mathematics at the University of Bristol in the journal Environmental Health.

Dr. Goscé explains: "Flu infections are increasingly being observed in districts served by a few metro lines. Who begins his journey in these districts may need to change the lines, usually at busy stations such as King’s Cross one or more times to achieve his goal." In districts in which the population uses public transport as the main means of transport for the journey to work, however, were observed fewer infections. Also commuters from Kensington, which can take direct trains to your destination, were infected less often.

For the study of the routes and stations were analyzed on the London underground, which at certain times are particularly crowded. The spread of infections through the air was estimated for individual stations, by these were matched with data from the flu in the London boroughs.