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Chocolate: dark chocolate lifts the mood

Chocolate makes you really happy? If you believe the results of a new study from Canada that might apply to this Thesis, at least for a certain variety. As researchers in the journal "Depression and Anxiety" reports, the consumption of dark chocolate a positive effect on the mood and can even alleviate depressive symptoms.

The study is the first, in which the connection between depression and the type of the consumed chocolate was studied. Therefore, dark chocolate is the most effective: of the persons reported to have on selected days of dark chocolate eaten, had a 70 percent lower probability of depressive symptoms than people who ate no chocolate. Those with the comparatively most chocolate of any kind had eaten, also showed less depressive symptoms than the "Chocolate Abstinenzler". Here, the connection was less clear than in the case of dark chocolate.

In their analyses the researchers took into account from the Institute of epidemiology and public health at the University of Calgary also possible factors such as Obesity, marital status, education, household income, physical activity, Smoking, and chronic health problems, to ensure that in the study, only the influence of chocolate on the symptoms of depression is measured.

Chocolate contains a number of ingredients that cause a feeling of euphoria. It also contains phenylethylamine, a Neuromodulator that is believed that he is responsible for the regulation of the mood of the people is important. The improvements in Mood appear to only occur when the chocolate is eaten with pleasure. Dark chocolate also contains a higher concentration of flavonoids, the inflammation to reduce, which also play in the Occurrence of depression have a role.