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Cancer human-to-human transferable? Researchers are baffled with Microbiome-Thesis

Should confirm the hypothesis of the international teams of researchers to the canadian Microbiology-Professor Brett Finlay, this would throw all previous assumptions fundamental the bunch.

For example, the world health organization (WHO) defines cardiovascular disease or cancer as a "non-übertragbar", since it is assumed that you will live to be triggered by a combination of genetic predisposition, style, and environmental factors and not from one person to another.

But this is the point where some scientists are not so sure: In a new study, the Team of the &quot presents;Humans & the Microbiome"-Program of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR), as well as the German Professor Thomas Bosch of the Christian Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany, this assumption in question.

Transmission through the Microbiome

The researchers cite evidence in your opinion that many are given more than non-transferable classified diseases may, however, from person to person.

And thus, in the broadest sense contagious are. Not by an infection such as a flu. But the Microbiome is being transferred.

To do this, you need to know: As a Microbiome refers to all of the trillions of microorganisms that exist in our body – on the skin, in the organs. Most of the tiniest bacteria, but also fungi and viruses are one of these microbes.

They are for the health of the people is enormously important: they help in digestion, releasing nutrients or remove toxins.

Microbes play in the body important role

"No corner of our biology remains of them unberührt", such as Ed Yong summarizes in his Microbiome-book "Tiny Gefährten" the crucial role of the human Multiple together.

In all corners of our body are part of the mix, therefore, microbes. In Good times and in Bad.

Possibly, the microbial colonization of the human body suffering is also Central to the Transmission of diseases such as obesity, Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes and cancer are involved, so the hypothesis of the scientists, whose research work in the scientific journal "Science" appeared.

This would mean that we can influence the health of our close people, by transferring these bacteria and the diseases in which they play a crucial role on it.

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    On the theory of the researchers is based

    "If our hypothesis turns out to be correct, it is definieren&quot our view of public health in a completely new;, Microbiology-Professor Brett Finlay says.

    The presumption of the researcher is thus based on three different findings, the link in your theory:

    1) Changes In The Microbiome

    So you were able to show that the Microbiome in human diseases such as obesity, inflammatory bowel, cardiovascular disease, or type 2-suffer from Diabetes, compared with the Microbiome of healthy people "significant changes zeigt".

    2) Microbiome can make a healthy body sick

    They also found laboratory evidence that such changes in the Microbiome may also result in the healthy body to disease, if it is transferred to the originally healthy body. In the Experiment, the researchers transferred the gut Microbiome of an obese mouse to a healthy animal. In the result, it was also overweight.

    3) Microbiome can be transmitted

    In addition, they showed that a Microbiome can actually be applied to other organisms transmit. Thus, the researchers were able to observe in the laboratory that the Microbiome of freshwater polyps, they shared a common habitat. In consequence of their outward appearance to fit in.


    "We were able to prove that the microbes directly from one individual to another gelangen", Thomas Bosch, co-author of the study says.

    More: "This may Transfer the Multiple also takes place in human life, for example through intensive social contacts, or in common Wohnungen", the Kiel Professor.

    Spouse swap microbes and diseases?

    The researchers found that the intestinal microbes of the spouses were very similar to each other – while there were larger differences away and living Relatives.

    "If you combine these facts together, suggests the conjecture, that many of the traditionally non-transferable classified diseases perhaps transferable sind", Brett Finlay says.

    Further research is needed

    The researchers also have to admit that your hypothesis is ventured. But what began as a thought experiment, I was able to be backed up by experiments in the laboratory.

    However, many of the mechanisms involved are as yet unknown.

    "We still don’t know in which cases this Form of Transmission increases, or whether there was also a healthy condition to be transferred kann", co-author Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello, a Professor at Rutgers University in the USA says. "We need more research to understand the microbial Transmission and their effects."

    Disturbed Microbiome as a cause of disease

    In the coming years, further studies are planned. Thus, the potential transmission paths need to be explored closer, says the Kiel Professor Bosch.

    And: As as a possible cause of diseases, disturbances in the human Microbiome &quot would have to;much stronger than bisher" be considered.

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