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Can prevent Vitamin D cancer?

A balanced Vitamin D Status could be both for the prevention as well as for the progression of several types of cancer, beneficial. This is from a new review in the journal "Seminar in Cancer Biology" appeared. But not all people respond equally to the Vitamin D, some need more to achieve the full Benefits.

Especially on the intestine and blood cancer Vitamin D may show a positive effect. This Prof. Carsten Carlberg of the University of Eastern Finland and Prof. Alberto Muñoz of the University of Madrid, which jointly carried out the present study results on the role of Vitamin D for cancer prevention and therapy reports.

Also in the case of breast and prostate cancer a link between low Vitamin D levels in the blood and the increased incidence of this cancer was observed species and a poorer outcome. However, it has not been clearly shown that Vitamin D supplementation lowers cancer mortality.

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The sensitivity to Vitamin D may differ between individuals significantly, as the research group of Professor Carlberg earlier had shown that 25 per cent of the Finnish population spoke little on the use of Vitamin and required a higher dose to achieve the full clinical Benefit.

Most people know that Vitamin D for bone health is of great importance, but also the immune system is regulated by the Vitamin. The effect against cancer is based according to the researchers, the fact that Vitamin D binds to certain immune cells and their development and activity influences. A low Vitamin D level increases the risk that the immune cells do not develop properly, and uncontrolled growing cancer cells turn.