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Bruce Springsteen admitted that he suffers from mental health problems

Legendary musician Bruce Springsteen said that since his first nervous breakdown in 1982, he constantly suffers from mental health problems. Great rocker by decades of taking medication, that support it.

In recent years, an increasing number of celebrities began to abandon the usual image of people whose life does not happen the slightest problem. Early stars from the pages of glossy magazines posing in expensive designer clothing, were photographed in the luxurious interiors of their homes with a beautiful white-toothed children, talking about how great they are live.And now the idols are increasingly recognized to fans in a variety of problems, including various ailments. This allows you to destroy an unrealistic perfect picture of celebrities, from-for which many of their fans feel the inferiority complex.

69-year-old Bruce Springsteen was the last star that told the truth about their health. In a new interview with Esquire magazine the legendary rocker, who has a record number of awards and copies of the album, admitted that his first nervous breakdown experienced in 1982 when I was working on a sixth disc. The failure was so powerful that since then, the rocker was constantly suffering from mental health problems. It still takes a powerful drug that allows him to keep mood under control.

Only at the end of the life of father Bruce Springsteen and the doctors diagnosed him with paranoid schizophrenia, who explained many oddities in the behavior of men, including episodes from the childhood of Bruce. Treatment of this chronic disease is only possible with powerful drugs that have many side effects. Bruce is also on the pill, but the success of his career suggests that the meds are working. (READ MORE)