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British wanted to defeat them with a vegan diet the cancer – now she’s dead

The story of the British woman Katie Britton-Jordan made in 2017 on the island of headlines. The then-38-Year-old had rejected a chemotherapy for the treatment of your breast cancer and instead on a vegan diet and homeopathy set. Now, Britton is dead in the Jordan to the consequences of their disease.

“It breaks my heart to write this, but on Saturday, the 25. May, is Katie with the same grace and the same thickness, with the help of which you went through life, peacefully into the next life moved on,“ wrote husband Neil on Sunday on the Facebook Blog, his wife.

In the case of Britton-Jordan had been diagnosed in July 2016 cancer. The Doctors recommended her chemotherapy, the chances of recovery are good, according to British media. But Britton-Jordan decided to rely on alternative methods. On your private Facebook profile, the young mother posted of images of seaweed, Granules capsules, and mistletoe preparations. In addition, she also posted Videos of Impfgegnern and Links with titles such as “mammography causes breast cancer!” Nonsense, say cancer researchers.

“I feel really fit and well”

A year later, Britton-Jordan was in the UK long ago to media sensation. “I feel really fit and well and I can still work and me to take care of my daughter,” said Britton-Jordan in may 2017, the tabloid newspaper “Daily Mirror”. “My diet mainly consists of raw fruits and vegetables, has really helped. If I were doing Chemo, I would be almost bed-ridden, I think. I got to see my friends undergoing chemotherapy, and they are drawn in your life. It’s terrible.“

Chemotherapy “poisoning” of the body, alleged the then-38-Year-old. “In my opinion, there are a lot of options that are much more valuable, than to poison yourself.” You’ve seen movies and read books that show that the Removal of a tumor to enable hitherto hidden cancer cells. Therefore, they have opted for a different path.

The metastases overgrown in your body

Cancer researchers disagree vehemently. “There is no epidemiological data supporting the benefit of a vegan or strict vegetarian diet on the occurrence of Cancer,” said Oncologist Jutta Hübner, University hospital Jena at the end of may to FOCUS Online. If patients decided not to tumor therapy, because they relied on the healing power of a specific diet, take the often deadly end. “You will come often again, if metastases have formed.”

On 7. April of this year, posted Katie in your Blog, it was after a long hospital stay back home. “But, unfortunately, not because it is good for me, but because you can’t help me.” Ultrasound in the clinic had shown that had formed in the liver and another Tumor that was within a short period of time twice as large. You will not give up hope, added Britton-Jordan in your Facebook post. She is survived by her husband and a five-year-old daughter.