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Body temperature has been falling for decades

37 degrees Celsius: This value applies for more than one hundred years as a normal value for body temperature. A Team of Stanford University, but the presumption is that the value’s not entirely true. In their investigation they came to the conclusion that the body temperature has fallen during the last century, is steadily increasing.

The medical researcher Julie Parsonnet of Stanford University, says: "What everyone has learned, namely that our normal temperature is 37 °C, is wrong." Together with her Team, she found out that men, at the beginning of the 19th century. Century were born, by 0.59 °C higher body temperatures than today, and per birth decade you went to -0,03 °C back. In women, it has declined since the 1890s to -0,32 °C, with a similar rate of decline.

The 37 °C go back to the German doctor Carl Reinhold August Wunderlich, who determined this value, 1851, tens of thousands of patients as a average healthy body temperature. Originally, the researchers from Stanford thought that today’s lower values are due to different methods of measurement.

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In fact, they came to the conclusion that biological changes are behind it. You have medical records of almost 24,000 people who had participated in the American civil war (1861 to 1865), with about 15,000 records to a national health survey from the early 1970s, and 150,000 records a clinical Stanford-compared data platform from the early 2000s. By looking at individual groups, those with instruments of approximately similar accuracy was measured, they found out that had reduced the body temperature per decade to 0.03 °C.

Since it is unlikely that the thermometer technology with a steady speed has been further developed, which would explain the steady decline of body temperature, the researchers believe that changes in the body have led to it. Parsonnet says: "The environment in which we live has changed, including the temperature in our homes, the contact with microorganisms and food. We are changing us physiologically."