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Ben Affleck again recovering from alcoholism

46-year-old American actor and Director Ben Affleck is back in rehab. Last time he got out of the hospital 40 days ago.

Reportedly, Ben Affleck is back in rehab after 40 days after the last discharge from the same clinic in Malibu. A two-time winner of the award “Oscar”, according to informed sources, has admitted to friends that need continued treatment for another few months in order to fully overcome addiction to alcohol. Close to Ben Affleck an sources said that he is determined to finally become sober. While Affleck will spend most of the days and nights in the clinic, but occasionally leave for business meetings and negotiations.

“Alcoholism is not a disease that can be cured at once, – said the insider edition of the Mirror. Ben always work very hard in order to defeat your demons. He wants again to work normally, to meet with children, and, therefore, must focus on a full recovery.”
Recently Ben Affleck has finally settled all the details of her divorce from 46-year-old wife Jennifer garner, with whom he has three children. Garner helps now ex-husband to overcome addiction to alcohol, it took Ben Affleck’s last rehabilitation center in August of this year. From 2001 to 2017 Affleck was repeatedly involved in such medical institutions because of his addiction to alcohol. It is believed that alcoholism destroyed his marriage to Jennifer garner, and now Ben is afraid that this habit can deprive him not only of family, but career and even life. (READ MORE)