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At Christmas the risk of heart attack increases – there is even a precise time – Video

At Christmas the risk is particularly high, to suffer a heart attack. The shows now a Swedish study. Especially on Christmas eve, heart attacks are therefore unusually frequent.

On the evening of the 24. December suffer especially a lot of people a heart attack. The researchers of the Swedish Karolinska Institute found out. For this, they evaluated the data of patients registered in the Swedish heart registry.

In the period from 1998 to 2013, almost 283.000 people were admitted with a myocardial infarction to the hospital. The register data of the Christmas holidays, the scientists compared with records two weeks before and after the festive.

Especially in the evening, the Highest risk is

The result: With an average of 69 Attacks, the risk on Christmas eve is exceptionally high. In the same period, there was only 50 Attacks per day. Overall, the heart attack was increased risk over the Christmas period by 15 percent.

Most people over the age of 75 years, which were already struggling with Diabetes or heart problems, were at risk.

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It has long been known that the risk of myocardial Infarction in the Morning is greater than confirmed other times of the Day, as well as the Swedish study. The highest risk of heart attack was at 8 in the morning. But on Christmas eve. On this day, the majority of the people suffered in the evening against 22 o’clock of a heart attack.

So far, there is no explanation

Why take the risk at Christmas time is increased, the study did not directly tap into. The researchers suspect, but heated tempers and strong emotions as a trigger.

For their study, the research team also analysed the infarct fixed rates at Easter, as well as the Swedish Midsummer. Also in the case of the latter, the risk was increased. At Easter, there is no difference to the comparison period.

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