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Are Obesity, heart disease, and Diabetes contagious?

Canadian researchers make the hypothesis that diseases such as heart failure, cancer and lung diseases – of which, one may assume that they are not contagious – however, transferable could be.

The scientists, from the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) in Toronto use to justify their hypothesis that people with obesity, diseases inflammatory bowel, type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular disease, changes in the micro biome have. If such micro-biomes of the sick people will be employed in animal experiments, they cause diseases. In addition, the Microbiome is in a natural way be transferable for spouses living in the same house, have similar micro biomes as the twins, who live separately. "If you combine these facts together, the idea that a lot of traditionally non-communicable diseases, but be transferable könnten", B. Brett Finlay, a Professor of Microbiology at the University of British Columbia said.

Further research n&ouml work;tig

Their idea, the researchers in the journal "Science" have released, is learning the result of discussions among science, at the CIFAR meeting last year. "It began as a Gedankenexperiment", told Finlay, "but then there was a great excitement as we thought about it, for which there was evidence. As we started the article, and new evidence from different areas of expertise came to the discussions exciting."

"This article offers a provocative new way of thinking to non-communicable Krankheiten", Alan Bernstein, President and CEO of CIFAR said. "Ideas like this are a great example of what happens when top researchers from around the world […] work together." If the hypothesis is confirmed, it must be shown by further research.