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Appendicitis in children: antibiotics instead of surgery

The standard treatment for appendicitis in children is surgery. But it is also different, such as Doctors in the journal "Jama" reports: In uncomplicated cases, an antibiotic is sufficient. Children will only be treated with medication, will be more healthy, and long-term perspective, the results of the two treatment strategies did not differ.

67.1 percent of the children who got an antibiotic, suffered neither harmful side effects nor are they required later surgery. They were an average of 6.6 sick for days, in contrast to 10.9 days in the case of the children who had been operated on.

Already in 2015, Dr. Peter Minneci, and Dr. Katherine Deans had Children from the Nationwide showed’s Hospital in Ohio, that children could be treated with uncomplicated appendicitis under certain conditions, without the use of traditional surgery. Minneci explains the benefits: "For surgery the patient must receive General anesthesia. Thus, a probability of one to two percent for a greater and a probability of five-to-ten percent for a minor complication. And the children have post-operative pain and limitations."

A year später no differences

"A rethink in the treatment of patients is always difficult. Surgeons tend to be an Operation that is a proven and trusted method. Many patients want to surgery vermeiden", Deans explained.

In the study, a decision was used to help parents and children to educate about the risks and benefits of both treatment options. It showed that it came with both options, similar to the often-complicated Appendicitis and the satisfaction and quality of life did not differ after 30 days and one year.