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Antibody discovered as a cause for miscarriages

In about half of all women who have recurrent miscarriages or stillbirths, the cause is unknown. Japanese researchers have now identified at least some of these cases, a specific antibody as a probable cause. Their study was published in the journal "Arthritis and Rheumatology" published.

For the study, the researchers studied 227 women who had on several occasions suffered miscarriages and stillbirths. In 19.8 percent of patients in which extensive testing had revealed no clues as to the cause for the miscarriages, the scientists found a certain auto-antibodies in the blood. This indicates that these antibodies could be births a major cause of recurrent miscarriage.

The antibody recognizes a special complex on the surface of the body’s own cells, which is why they also called autoantibodies, against its own body, antibodies are referred to. Already in 2015, the Team had found out that these antibodies occur in thrombosis in which blood clots in blood vessels blocking. It is a cause for the so-called Antiphospholipid syndrome, an autoimmune disease that comes in addition to thrombosis, high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Drug to the Antiköbody inhibit

The researchers hope to use these antibodies to better understand how it comes to miscarriages. You want to develop a drug to inhibit these antibodies or their production is suppressed. In addition, it is possible that these or similar auto-antibodies diseases with other common autoimmune diseases such as, for example, rheumatism is related.