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Advent: scented candles can trigger allergies

Baked Apple, gingerbread and Christmas Tree-fragrance: candles, room sprays and Co in the Christmas season for a good mood. However, some products contain substances, which not everyone tolerates well.

In December are available in many shops and on Weihnachtsmärken scented candles, Oils and room sprays that are supposed to bring a Christmas atmosphere in your own four walls. "As long as the ingredients used do not fall under the dangerous goods regulation, they must be on the packaging not listed. But this does not mean that everyone is well tolerated kann", Dr. Utta Petzold, a dermatologist at the health insurance company Barmer declared.

Import articles from Non-EU countries are subject to such other provisions, which are often not as stringent as the European directives. Frequently scented candles provide, for example, when Burning different materials, which can lead to respiratory irritation, or even an asthma attack. The space is then not only materials with a Christmas scent, but unnoticed, even with dioxins, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and solvents filled.

Petzold advises to ventilate in the case of the use of scented candles regularly good or better on candles from beeswax without paraffin additive. Candles with the RAL quality seal are a good Alternative, because the ingredients according to strict criteria were tested.

Allergic reactions can vary greatly. The harmless variant includes symptoms such as itching in the mouth or a skin rash. But it can also lead to a swelling of the respiratory tract, so that the Affected person always gets worse in bad air. In extreme cases, the body reacts with anaphylactic shock, Circulatory collapse, which can be life-threatening. "Allergy sufferers, for which a high level of Allergy to certain substances is known, and who have shown a history of severe allergic reactions, should haben&quot for such cases always have a physician-prescribed emergency kit with an antihistamine, cortisone and Adrenalin syringe in a;, Petzold says.


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