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A lot of fat, no carbs: Ketogenic diet against flu?

People who eat ketogen, to take up a lot of fat and little carbs, by eating mainly meat, fish, poultry and vegetables without starch. May this diet protects against flu, researchers at the Yale University report in the United States, after experiments with mice.

Mice with a high-fat, carbohydrate-poor Taste, were fed, were able to flu virus more effectively than mice, the carbohydrate-rich feeds. According to the study, which was published in the journal Science, Immunology, activated the ketogenic diet, a special group of immune cells in the lungs, the stimulated mucus production from respiratory cells. In this mucus, the flu virus then remained hanging.

The research team showed that flu-sick mice had a higher survival rate if they received a ketogenic diet. The newly activated immune cells ensured in the lungs more mucus was produced, which put the virus to a standstill. Mice that did not possess these immune cells, did not benefit from the protection against the influenza virus by the ketogenic diet.

The new thing was that these were immune were cells, so far, has nothing to do with prevention of influenza virus-associated: "This was a completely unexpected Entdeckung", study Director Akiko Iwasaki said.