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22-live Years, four years with a pair of tweezers in urethra

Maybe it was him long to be embarrassed, seek medical assistance? As a 22-Year-old man in Saudi Arabia appears to be in a hospital, he lives according to his own statements already since four years, with an eight-inch-long pair of tweezers in his urethra.

Problems when you pee, fever, or chills, the man didn’t, in spite of a foreign body in his Penis, he says the Doctors. On examination, the physician noted that his bladder is not distended and the urethra opening looks normal. The foreign body in the middle of the Penis up to the approach, feel, write to the physician in a case report in the journal “Urology Case Reports”. X-rays show a metal tongs, about eight centimeters in length in the anterior urethra area.

The hair removal forceps had been inserted with its closed end in the urethra, the Doctors. About seven inches of the open end pointing in the direction of the urethra opening on the glans. What is the reason for the man you’ve introduced yourself, he doesn’t want to tell the Doctors.

“The fact that the man had no complaints, sounds to me very implausible,” says Christian Wülfing, chief of urology at the Asklepios clinic in Hamburg, Germany. “The human urethra is about as thick as a little Finger. If there’s a foreign body is plugged in, it has actually problems and severe pain – the urethra is very sensitive to pain.”

Foreign bodies in the urethra are rare, but any urologist with a couple of years of professional experience have seen this before, so Wülfing. Men feel more often than in women.

Urology case reports support this assertion: again and again, cases are known in which men, objects insertion into the urethra, you get out. In September, a 28-Year-old man in China was 159 magnetic balls in the urethra, the accumulated in the bladder to a lump. Five hours after that, he went to the emergency room, where the balls were taken out via Emergency SURGERY again.

In 2014, a similar case occurred in the United States. During Masturbation, a 16-Year-old repeated 25 strong magnetic balls no longer introduced into the urethra, which he got out on their own. They had to be surgically removed.

22-Year-old does not appear to follow-up

In the case of the 22-Year-old from Saudi Arabia, the tweezers can be removed by the surgical assistant pushed the two Ends of a small pair of pliers from the outside of the shaft of the penis, together, – stated in the case report. Using an endoscope, the foreign body had been removed on the path on which he was to enter the room.

The Patient got through the surgery well and was discharged thereafter. The Doctors have advised him to a psychiatric examination, which he refused, stated in the case description. He was also not published a follow-up examination.

The most common reason for the Insertion of foreign bodies in the male urethra is according to the report, sexual satisfaction, especially during Masturbation. Most often it is the patient, therefore, too embarrassed to seek medical help immediately. So, as probably also in the case of the 22-Year-old.

Also Wülfing has been observed that patients introduce yourself to it mostly because of the pleasure things in the urethra. “I’ve heard of telephone cables, tooth brushes, and even razor blades. Patients have me tubes of special urinary-Sextoys told.” It seem so in the case of some in the human sexuality fit.

“If you lose the object, then, in the urethra, which is the shame too great, to go to the doctor.” It is important, therefore, to a urologist entrust, otherwise it could lead to cicatricial stenosis, the painful discomfort that may cause.

In contrast to the auto-erotic accidents there would also be some patients, the acted on the basis of psychiatric disorders: “I once had a patient every three to four weeks, came up with the most diverse foreign bodies in the urethra,” says Wülfing. “There’s a completely different clinical picture is then.”