The memory tests to help identify Alzheimer’s

The usual tests cognitive tests help to identify whether arising from a person’s episodes of forgetfulness to be a harbinger of Alzheimer’s disease. To the conclusion that this came as a result of a joint study, scientists from the Helsinki and California universities.

Problems with memory can be quite a normal age-related phenomenon. But sometimes it really is a marker of developing human neurodegenerative disorders associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers found that tests memory test can be very useful in the diagnosis of this disease.

Experts analyzed data collected in the experiment, 230 people without cognitive impairments and 394 people who have observed the moderate forgetfulness. The subjects took tests to check memory two types of memory test story recall test and a memory test word list recall (in the first case it is necessary to repeat as close as possible to the text to read the story in the second – to remember the words of the featured list). In parallel, the experts studied the biomarkers associated with the likely development of Alzheimer’s disease.

The experiment confirmed that the memory tests do help to identify Alzheimer’s disease. In particular, the highest risk of developing this disease had participants who received low scores in both tests, indicating a high-quality memory impairment.

“Half of the participants with low scores on tests for memory Alzheimer’s disease diagnosed within three years. Fundamental for such diagnosis had low scores on two tests,” reported the study authors.
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