The inhabitant of Perm has saved the life of a sister giving a kidney

33-year-old Permian could lose life after a long struggle with a serious illness, but the older sister became her Savior. If it is not, in the body of a young woman would have started irreversible changes.

Doctors of the Perm regional clinical hospital conducted a kidney transplant, grafting on one sister the other. 33-the summer inhabitant of Perm became ill in 2013. Two years ago her condition began to deteriorate, and a biopsy showed very poor results -his kidney function was finally able to stop.

In October, a woman connected to the apparatus “artificial kidney”. The prospect of the patient was pretty grim. Throughout her life she had to visit a dialysis center and a few hours to withstand the procedure of cleansing the blood in this device.

However, the older sister of the patient made the decision to give a kidney to his cousin. Doctors examined her and the tests showed that the older sister is healthy. Immunological study in turn confirmed the compatibility of the tissues of the sisters.

The surgeons of the regional hospital have successfully conducted a kidney transplant. The operation was successful, the transplanted kidney is functioning and, therefore, saved by the sister of a resident of Perm will be able to lead a full life.

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