The development of autism associated with leptin

A new study from researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Boston ended with the verdict of the scientists about the existence of a link between increased levels of the fat hormone leptin and the development of autism.

Researchers surveyed 800 children. 53 of them were diagnosed with autism. After analyzing the results of physical examinations, experts agree that increased leptin may serve as a biomarker of autism.

It is symptomatic that the scientific research conducted in 2008, found children who have autism, a very high level of leptin. In addition, scholars have argued about the relationship between development of autism and rapid weight gain in infancy.

The authors of the study admit that the high content of blood fat hormone linked to autism. According to experts, the development of autism and the increasing level of leptin can be both manifestations of the same process, not cause and effect.

“Premature birth is able to be an independent risk factor of autism, they are also associated with abrupt weight gain in infancy. Every fourth child among we observed was born ahead of time,” – said the scientists.
How closely indicators of leptin are associated with the development of autism, needs to show more extensive research. But, as noted by scholars, there are many reasons to consider an increased level of leptin increased the propensity to autism, and this marker may help identify at-risk children at an early stage, when methods of correction of violations give the best therapeutic effect.

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