Sun-sensitive due to the drugs

Some medications make the skin extremely sensitive gegenüabout sun light. So köpatients sch&uuml can;support

Shade: The sun is better only in the evening genießen

Three hours of blazing sun. At noon. In August. Without protection, red, burning skin in addition to Hitzebl&auml is dark;rule almost certainly. Some drugs köcan a ähn­reaction cause. "Like a very, very strong Sonnenbrand", erklärt Professor Percy Lehmann, Director of the skin clinic at the Helios-hospital of Wuppertal. Currently, he is got once per week a patient with such a morbid light-sensitive skin, therefore rötet, itches, burns, some bubbles throws.

So-called photo-sensitizing drugs that are tolerated in times of low sun levels well, köcan just in the summer unerwüyou want reactions führen. This Wirkstoffmolek&uuml get;le in the skin. Meet you there on energy UV-A rays from the split particles. These react with the surrounding tissue. The result: skin cells are beschädamaged or zerstört. "The skin entzünd sich", Lehmann &ndash says; and often after sun-bathing by you, otherwise just röten würde.

After Sunbathing: Röclearing, Burning, itching

"There are photo-allergic and photo-toxic Reaktionen", the pharmacist Petra Liekfeld from M&uuml says;lheim / Ruhr. A precise distinction is sometimes difficult.

In the case of the very rare photo-Allergy, the symptoms usually appear only after the second or third contact with the relevant Sub­punching on. "Already low Wirkstoff­doses and radiation quantities sufficient that Rötions, itching, Knötchen, crusts or verstäincreased pigmentation ausbilden", Liekfeld says. Also not directly exposed to the sun, skin areas köcan be affected.

Often, the face and neck affected

Photo-toxic reactions are häsingle-stage and already at the first contact möpossible. You will find only Places which ungeschüsupports are exposed to the sun. They especially affect the face, neck, forearms, Hand and Fußrücover. Your Auspräis mengenabhäregardless – in terms of substance and Strahlungsintensität. skin type and Bräunungsgrad also play a role.

In Aktivitäten under the open sky – on holiday or during sports, in the garden or in the profession – it is, therefore, to cater to unerwüto avoid required skin reactions. Because each new drug or acute medication – for example, a vacation an emergency, ingested antibiotic – by unerwüyou want to use the skin reactions to the sun joy trüben. "Have you, therefore, always be on your upcoming Aktivitäten, and your pharmacy, you will be comprehensively beraten", recommends Liekfeld.

Protection of the sun-Abc

A erhöhte sensitivity to light can in the intake and the äußerlichen use of medicines occur and is described inter alia in connection with many antibiotics, and St. John’s wort, as well as pain and entzümaking-relieving drugs such as Naproxen or Diclofenac.

You should also in the application of the häfrequently used Schmerzgele concerns. "The good news is that patients müthe sun’s no need to avoid, if you are in the sun-Abc halten", pharmacist Liekfeld says.

These medicines make the skin more sensitive für Sonnenschäthe

  • Antibiotics: for example, Tetracyclines. You bekäfight bacterial infections.
  • Diuretics: about hydrochlorothiazide (HCT). The substance stimulates the production of Urine.
  • Cardiovascular drugs: amiodarone against Rhythmusstöretention, ACE-inhibitors ­as well as ATI-antagonists against high blood pressure
  • Psychotropic drugs: antidepressants such as ­Amitriptyline, antipsychotics such as chlorpromazine
  • Cancer drugs: Anti-Tumor therapies with monoclonal Antiköantibodies
  • Pain medication: drugs such Diclofenac, which is about osteoarthritis patients often use
  • Diabetes Agents: Sulfonylureas
  • Herbal: St. John’s Wort-Präparate

This means that A – To Dodge, especially in the midday time in the sun. And be careful: the water and the glass panes are UV-durchläcasual. B – Cover up with clothing, Mütze and sunglasses. And C – Creams, always before and not only in the sun with a high sun protection factor and in sufficient quantity.

The heißt in the case of an adult, approximately 30 milliliters of für lotion once. After bathing or heavy sweating should be nachgecremt.

First aid for Hautschäthe

The skin takes damage, help kühlenden Lotion, stämore powerful symptoms with glucocorticosteroids and antiseptics. The Hautschäthe medication only st&auml are not;more than sunburn, you also have to keep läViking. Expert Lehmann: "Three to four days, you will have to do with it too."

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