Substances from creepers destroying pancreatic cancer

Journal of Natural Products, told about the results of the research team of scientists from Japan, Germany and
Democratic Republic of the Congo, managed to find one of the species of lianas alkaloid compounds that can destroy cancer cells of the pancreas. Note that pancreatic cancer has the highest survival rate of its cells spread out even in extreme circumstances for themselves.

Researchers have found that substances from the vine destroy cancer cells of the pancreas in terms of reducing nutrients. These substances, in their words, “inhibited the migration and colonization of cancer cells in laboratory tests”. Scientists believe that these substances can help to prevent metastasis in patients.

Extracted from African vines substances, as explained by specialists, are the so-called “antiasteniceski connections” – these substances may be toxic to cancer cells in the absence of nutrients. Alkaloids, which scientists have extracted from the Liana Ancistrocladus likoko, in test conditions caused major changes in cell morphology of cancer cells of the pancreas, which eventually led to their destruction.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly: in his case, survival of less than 5% of patients within five years. Cells of this type of cancer aggressively, surviving in the environment in which most of the cells would have died. Opening substances from vine scientists estimate as very promising, although in this direction, we need more more research.

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