Stabbed her husband during a quarrel, the woman released in a court hall

61-year-old woman who stabbed her husband, an alcoholic, was released right in the court. With her husband she lived for almost 30 years, and the judges said that she was sick of his drinking.

61-year-old English housewife Sex Brady stabbed her husband during a regular marital conflicts. However, in spite of a serious offence, she was released in the courtroom after being so told, that was abused by her husband for nearly 30 years. The woman frankly admitted that the day had an argument with her husband John in their shared marital home. When the man moved to the fridge to take out a beer, the wife stabbed him in the stomach. She then called an ambulance and the police, which stated that stabbed her husband. “I’ve had enough!”,- she explained to the police his motive.

Man with heavy bleeding was sent to the hospital, where he stayed for two months, after which he died from circumstances “unrelated to the stab wound.” However, the court heard the allegation that Paul Brady really suffered from verbal and physical abuse by a spouse, whom she married in 1990. As a result, the court decided to sentence the woman to four months imprisonment with a suspended sentence of 18 months. After that the Floor was released immediately.

Earlier she presented a much more serious charge of causing grievous bodily harm, but the woman was able to prove that was protected from the husband of an alcoholic who showed aggression to her address. The English courts are traditionally lenient to defendants who can prove domestic violence. (READ MORE)