“Smart” insulin becomes more affordable

Scientists from the University of Bristol (UK) made the emergence of “smart” insulin more affordable. They were able to create a unique synthetic molecule that performs a transport function for glucose is 100 times more efficient than previous technology.

The researchers enthusiastically achieve their goal of developing “smart” glucocorticolds insulin. Its use will allow the body to diabetics to independently control insulin activity arising in response to a change in the level of blood sugar. the creation of “smart” glucocorticolds of insulin, which will help adjust its activity in response to the change in the concentration of sugar in the blood. This will save people from regular insulin injections, as well as the need to constantly monitor the sugar content.

Scientists have developed a synthetic platform for interaction with the monosaccharide, similar to natural proteins.

“Selective binding of glucose in a natural environment was a challenge, but we managed to solve it. Developed the molecule its properties are similar natural human molecules and can become a competitor to natural proteins” – spoke about this know-how to a “smart” insulin its creators.
Separate scientific experts noted that the availability of “smart” insulin does not exempt a patient with diabetes of a person from the increased attention to his condition. According to who, diabetes will soon be on the 7th position on the causes of death.

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