Post-term pregnancy: risks and complications

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Is there any danger in post-term pregnancy?

What can be complications?

If the pregnancy exceeded 42 weeks, expectant mothers the following questions arise: is there any danger in post-term pregnancy? What are the consequences? Will it affect the baby?These are the questions we will answer in our material.

Is there any danger in post-term pregnancy?

When the pregnancy exceeds 42 weeks, it is safe to say that it is post-term. The longer the period that a woman is carrying a child, the greater the danger. At this time, the exhausted resources of the placenta and amniotic fluid, the needs of the fetus increase.

Consider the main problems that arise during post-term pregnancy. So, every day the placenta is aging. Blood vessels are not as adapted to the normal blood flow in the placenta arise microinfarcts and thrombosis. Also a risk is that it decreases the synthesis of estriol. This hormone is essential for induction of labor.

No less dangerous consequence is the change in the number and composition of the amniotic fluid. After 40 weeks of pregnancy the volume of amniotic bladder is reduced, being reduced to 150-200 milliliters every week. It indicates the development of water shortage, which affects the production of prostaglandins, which are also needed for the onset of labor.

Also changing the composition of amniotic fluid that leads to an imbalance of the substances that make up surfaceto system of the baby’s lungs. This can lead to breathing problems during birth. The danger lies in the deterioration of the natural purification of amniotic fluid, therefore they do not cope with a protective function, and it threatens the development of intrauterine infection.

Another danger is the growing fetus. In accordance with this increase of the child’s need for oxygen. Due to the fact that bones grow, there is a risk of traumatic childbirth.

What can be complications?

When post-term pregnancy may develop various complications. This is primarily due to the dangers that were described above. Let us call the most undesirable and terrible consequences that occur due to post-term pregnancy.

First, there is the risk that the mother is “broken”. Gaps can result in urinary retention, fistulas, infection. Also, it is likely that a large baby will cause the mother to a surgical table for a caesarean section. Of course, it’s not the worst thing that can happen, but for some women this is a very important question. The procedure is sometimes accompanied by such complications as bleeding or infection.

Secondly, there is the risk of complications in the baby. The most common are respiratory distress, birth injuries (e.g., fractures, soft tissue injuries, damage to the nervous system), intrauterine infection. Interesting fact — this often happens with boys.

Third, the most tragic complication of post-term pregnancy is the death of a baby. According to statistics, 6.5 percent of births in this case, die.

But it’s worth noting that complications can occur and before 42 weeks of pregnancy, a deadline. Risks increase with about 40 weeks. That’s why doctors strongly recommend not to let it go and to follow all recommendations of your gynecologist.