Opened a new disease – combined immunodeficiency

Scientists from McGill University (Canada) discovered a new genetic immune disease is occurred during the examination of the patient, who suffered from a number of infections. The disease called combined immunodeficit, there are only two people in the world. On this finding of canadian researchers reported in the journal JournalofExperimental Medicine.

It was found that for the development of new disease responsible a single gene located on the 21st chromosome. A person suffering from combined immunodeficiency, subject to incidence of various infections, the researchers note.

The opening combined immunodeficiency contributed to the study of history a 36-year resident of Canada since childhood, suffering from viral and fungal infections, pneunomia and sinusitis. When scientists became interested in his genetics and carried out the analysis, they found the ICOSLG gene is located on the 21st chromosome. This gene is turned “on” diseases that weaken the human immune system.

According to the researchers, open the canadian ICOSLG gene was the same that was discovered by a boy named David Vetter, nicknamed “bubble boy” and became in the late 1970-ies inexplicable mystery for physicians. David suffered from an unknown illness that robbed him of immunity, and under 12 years lived in a sterile plastic box, but then it died.

Opened combined immunodeficiency researchers note that the mechanisms for the development of new disease has yet to understand. At the same time, the knowledge of genetic features of this disease allows to diagnose it in advance. Scientists also believe that the location of the calling disease gene ICOSLG on chromosome 21 can also mean that he is responsible for the development of immunodeficiency in down syndrome.

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