Man paralyzed after flu shot

Resident, Shane Morgan after he made flu shots felt a sharp deterioration in his condition, was paralyzed, spent a few days in a coma and then several weeks recovering in the hospital. Experts note that such a complication is extremely rare, occurs with a frequency of only 1-2 cases per million doses of flu vaccine.

American made flu shot along with his wife in November. He felt ill the next day after vaccination. Initially, he had observed symptoms of common cold, and then condition began to deteriorate rapidly – the man felt very weak and complained of vision. He soon lost the ability to move.

Paralyzed after vaccination was urgently hospitalized. In the hospital the patient was immersed in an artificial coma. Coming out of it, the man still more than three weeks was forced to spend in the hospital, but held the procedure still did not return him to his former health.

“Such deterioration is associated with Guillain-Barre syndrome, autoimmune disorders of the peripheral nerves, which likely was caused by vaccination against influenza,” – concluded medical professionals.
Now the man of the house, but he is still partially paralyzed and moves only on a wheelchair. According to doctors, to restore their patient will need about a year.

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