Low-quality implants are killing thousands of patients

More than 1,000 people died over three years after the installation of the defective implants, including pacemakers and breast implants. To such conclusion came the regulators.

More than 1 000 people died in just three years after the appearance of problems with defective medical implants, as shown by a study in the UK. Local regulators have received over the period from 2015 to 2018, more than 62,000 reports failures of devices such as pacemakers, hip replacements, breast implants and even contraceptives.. In every third case, these medical devices have led to serious consequences for patients, including 1 004 death. Experts have long warned that the market for medical devices is extremely poorly regulated, especially when compared with pharmaceuticals.

The President of the Royal College of surgeons Professor Derek Anderson believes that after such statistics are required, drastic changes in the field of regulation in this area. He emphasizes that numerous medical gadgets are established patients, despite the fact that in a science there is no evidence of reliable work or the security of all these devices. Such is simply unthinkable with regard to conventional medications, which go through multi-stage inspection, starting with testing on cells in the laboratory and on animals, and ending with a security check on people. Numerous implants using such checks are not conducted.

Last year the British government suspended the use of special surgical meshes, which were established for women suffering from incontinence. Then came the information that the nets are not safe for health. By the time they were installed more than 100 thousand patients. In 2010, the regulators withdrew from two types of metallic hip joint. (READ MORE)