Found a cure for atherosclerosis

JournalofMolecularandCellularCardiologyопубликовал the results of the research of Russian biologists, who found that contributing to the development of atherosclerosis proteins can be a cure in the fight against the disease. For the development of such diseases as atherosclerosis is characterized by the accumulation of cholesterol on walls of vessels, causing pathological changes and often leading to death.

The authors of the study commented on the fact that atherosclerosis develops due to disorders in the metabolism of fats, and due to the activity foci of inflammation within the vessel walls. These foci according to experts aktiviziruyutsya under the influence of Taurus the immune macrophages, or rather, because of a failure in their metabolism.

Scientists carefully trace the chain of processes leading to the formation of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels. They discovered an unusual process. It turned out that with the development of inflammation of the blood vessels, covered by cholesterol, become thicker and less flexible. These processes, as managed to find researchers associated with the action of specific proteins – matrix of metalloproteinases.

Experts said that the discovery of genes, “including” such proteins will allow to find the cure for atherosclerosis. Blood vessels begin to produce these substances under the action signals the immune cells produced in response to the development of inflammation. Analysis of genes will help to open a way lock, which will protect the vessels from the destructive processes associated with the loss of elasticity.

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