Can you die from a job?

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What is workaholism and what it brings

Physical ailments from workaholism

How to cope with stress?

As they say, from work horses die. But whether this expression is to people? Let’s investigate whether it is possible to die from working.

What is workaholism and what it brings

According to doctors, physiologists, you must give eight hours for work, eight hours for sleep and eight hours to lead an active personal and family life. If these rules are starting to change, the probability of occurrence of health problems. For example, if you started to give work preference and spend at the office not less than 10-15 hours, then wait for trouble.

Most often, this congestion is apt managers, heads, Directors of various companies that are ready to work round the clock, not knowing how it would end. Less likely to overwork and workaholism tend the people of creative professions — writers, musicians, artists, despite the fact that the last and ready to play all day. Workaholism also affects people who have no personal life or have any problems. So they want to escape from his loneliness. Experiencing divorce, the loss of loved ones and those who have difficulties in communicating with others can be completely immersed in your work, just not to think about their problems. Is it right? Of course not, because you should be able to relax.

In 1919 it was established that workaholism is a disease. This was stated by the psychoanalyst Sandor Ferenczi. His patients had the strangest symptoms. So, they were sick on a Friday, and on Monday morning recovered. First, the doctor called the disease “Sunday disease”, and a bit later, the concept of workaholism.

Most often, excessive work leads to burnout. He is exposed to people who often communicate with people: journalists, social workers, teachers, doctors. It has three phases: tension resistant and exhaustion. In the first there is a feeling of anxiety, depression, permanent dissatisfaction with one’s own person. Then there is an employee apathy, when the employee is still at his work. And after that — exhaustion, in which the work is done purely automatically, without feelings and emotions. Unfortunately, in this case, you cannot change yourself, you may need the assistance of a psychologist.

Physical ailments from workaholism

But it is also important that excessive work leads to the formation of various physical ailments. In Japan there is even a special term “karoshi”, which means “sudden death from overwork”. This country has mass deaths, as people are forced to spend much time at work to live in dignity. The Ministry of labour of Japan since 1987, counts of deaths from work. If you believe this data, every year up to 60 people die from work. The name of the disease comes from the town of Karoshi, where was the first recorded such a case. An employee of the publishing house, died due to overtime, which lasted more than 12 hours.

In Russia, such statistics are not kept, but yet such incidents occur. Of course, not to say that die healthy people. Certainly, they have a lot of comorbidities, so rare the doctors put the cause of death — work.

One of the most common causes of death are cardiovascular diseases. Patients stroke, aortic rupture, intracranial hemorrhage, myocardial infarction and other diseases. These symptoms are caused by the presence of any chronic diseases, which is exacerbated by fatigue, stress at work. Most often these include hypertension, coronary artery disease, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis of the brain, and so on. Often a situation when workaholics smoke, abuse alcohol or even drug addiction.

It is therefore important to monitor their health and not to let any issues slide, especially if you are prone to workaholism.

How to cope with stress?

Of course, no one wants to die from work. As we have said, it is impossible, if you are completely healthy, but, unfortunately, such people don’t exist. Need to undergo regular medical examinations, especially if your work is connected with dangerous production. Schedule is also very important. Between shifts needed quality rest. It is advisable not to take extra hours of work if you are tired, but in the pursuit of money ready to go for it. Fatigue comes very unexpectedly, you may not even notice this and not understand.

At risk of dying at work are those who give it 55-60 hours a week, work weekends and holidays, are often faced with stress, conflicts. The intensive work will increase the risk of psychological strain and physical illness, which he developed to such service. But those who are lazy at work, often glancing at the clock, but would be faster to go home, it is unlikely to encounter such a problem.

Often there are situations when people ignore the symptoms of karoshi. However, this is the wrong approach. To be an excessive enthusiast on the work and always take full responsibility in the end can lead to a sad end in the truest sense of the word.

Often relax, take a vacation twice a year, look at nature, at the sea, in other cities, to cheer myself up. Believe me, it is much healthier for you and your health than hour. Besides, after a good rest and sleep forces for the execution of their duties will be twice more.