Alzheimer’s disease can be transmitted

An international group of scientists from the UK, USA and Japan have got experimental evidence that the infected by Alzheimer’s is likely – in particular, it can be the consequence of medical procedures. About the study scientists with the findings, told the journal Nature.

The idea that Alzheimer’s might be contagious, is not new. In 2015, representatives of science have been many hypotheses about what a infection is possible during medical procedures, such as surgery and injections, which in the human body penetrate from the outside of beta-amyloid – protein compounds, whose accumulation in the brain have been associated with the occurrence of degenerative diseases.

An international team of scientific experts under the leadership of Dr. John Collinge from the Institute of prion diseases at University College London carried out the study, confirmed: the previously proposed hypothesis about the spreading of disease, Alzhemier by penetration of the molecules of beta-amyloid just, to get Alzheimer’s actually possible.

“Introduced from the outside of the protein precursor of beta-amyloid (Amyloid precursor protein) may lead to the emergence of Alzheimer’s disease,” stated the authors of the new work.
During the experiments, the researchers injected mice with the human growth hormone mixed with beta-amyloid. Subsequently these mice in brain structures arose the characteristic plaques that were absent in animals of the control group. The study authors are convinced that this discovery will contribute to certain changes in surgery. Surgical procedures needs to be based on the risks of transmission of beta-amyloid, stress the experts.

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