A new drug AMD3100 stops brain cancer

Scientists have developed a new drug with the potential to prevent the spread of cancer cells in the brain. The drug blocks the development of glioblastoma.

The good news for the thousands of people faced with a terrible diagnosis – brain cancer in a glioblastoma. Scientists have created a unique new medicine that can prevent the spread of this most serious form of brain tumors. According to the researchers, the interstitial fluid, which causes our tissues to move around cells and is important for the normal functioning of the body, is capable of producing a negative effect. In particular, suffering from glioblastoma patients have higher fluid pressure, which leads to rapid metastasis of cancer.

According to the researchers drug called AMD3100, has already passed through clinical studies, stops the spread of cancer cells. Because this drug is already used in patients, one cannot exclude that the doctors refer to his assistance at least in order to combining AMD3100 with other drugs. The study once again confirmed the significant role played in the spread of glioblastoma, the flow of interstitial fluid surrounding the cells in the body.

This fluid consists of circulating cerebrospinal fluid, cellular wastes and blood plasma. Previously, it was also associated with the increased risk of proliferation of glioblastoma cells or brain tumors. The researchers tested a new drug and found that it inhibits rapid movement of interstitial fluid of the brain and metastasis of cancer cells. (READ MORE)