19-year-old boy died after inhaling deodorant after towel

19-year-old boy died after he tied a towel around his head and began to inhale the spray deodorant. Doctors are unable to return the young man to life and disconnected from artificial life support.

A young resident of the city of Rotterdam from the Netherlands whose name is not called for ethical reasons, suffered from drug addiction and receive treatment. Devoid of the usual methods of stimulation, the young man wrapped head with a towel and sprayed deodorant at him to breathe the fumes. This has led to loss of consciousness and disconnection of basic vital functions of the body, as reported in a scientific journal by the doctors who tried to save the guy. The article warned people about the dangers of this kind of stimulation related to the category of substance abuse.

A young man’s heart stopped and although doctors commenced resuscitation at the time when he was still alive, to save him failed. The guy was in rehab, where he tried to get rid of addiction to cannabis and ketamine. Apparently, the young man went through withdrawal symptoms and desperately needed at least some stimulants. That’s why he decided to use deodorant and a towel.

When a person develops cardiac arrest, it means that the pump is no longer pumping blood around the body. Cardiac arrest causes the cessation of breathing and oxygen to the brain, without urgent medical care ends in death. It is well known that inhalation of different kinds of volatile substances and solvents in the deodorant can cause heart failure and lead to death. Only in the US, killing 125 people a year. (READ MORE)