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Victoria Beckham's Daughter Harper Called Her Spice Girl Outfits ‘Unacceptable’

Everyone who grew up in the ‘90s had a favorite Spice Girl. It was practically a rite of passage! Their flashy outfits, distinct styles, and catchy songs were so cool (and, OK, we still know all the words to “Wannabe”). But one person isn’t a huge fan of Victoria Beckham’s Posh Spice look. According to Beckham’s 10-year-old daughter Harper Seven, the cute outfits and short skirts her mom wore in the all-girl band were “unacceptable.”

In an interview with Vogue Australia on Sunday, Beckham shared a funny story about what her daughter thinks of the clothes she used to wear.

“She’s not one of these kids who are going out with a full face of makeup and a crop top,” the fashion designer said about Harper. “She actually said to me recently, ‘Mummy, I’ve seen some pictures of you when you were in the Spice Girls, and your skirts were just unacceptable. They were just too short.’”

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She told her mama! And how can you argue with that logic? Her husband, David Beckham, with whom she also shares sons Brooklyn, 23, Romeo, 19, and Cruz, 17, agreed with Harper completely.

“Then David piped up and said, ‘Absolutely, Harper! They really, really were,” Beckham continued. “And she was actually quite disgusted at how short my skirts were. I said, ‘Are you never going to wear skirts like that?’ She said, ‘Absolutely not.’ We’ll see.”

A parent can only hope, right? Beckham wants to keep her daughter’s innocence and convictions preserved for as long as she can, which is why she plans to keep her off social media.

“Harper isn’t on social media, so we don’t have to worry about [body-shaming] just yet,” Beckham said. “But seeing how cruel people can be, yes, it really does [concern me].”

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“She’s at that age where her body is going to start changing, but it’s about making sure that we communicate a lot as a family and she surrounds herself with nice friends,” she said, adding, “But it is quite terrifying, I can’t lie.”

In the interview, she also shared about her own struggles with body confidence (and how she was asked to weigh herself on live TV after Brooklyn was born). Although they can’t keep Harper away from internet trolls forever, the Beckhams are doing their best to be a good example of love for all their kids.

“We are still very close. We love each other,” Beckham said about her husband in the interview with Vogue Australia. “He’s my everything. And after all these years, we’re still up at the crack of dawn planting Easter eggs for the kids who are now actually adults, other than Harper, because that’s the kind of parents we have always been.”

Luckily, Harper will have her caring — and fiercely protective — parents to help her get through any cruel comments.

Celebrities — they’re just like us! Especially when it comes to embarrassing their kids.

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