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Tiffani Thiessen: How I Tackle Mom Guilt

Work-life balance! On top of her successful television career, Tiffani Thiessen also has two children at home, and she told Us Weekly exclusively how she overcomes mom guilt.

“People who work with me know that they’re not going to get an email or a text back during the times that I’m with my kids, and most weekends they will not get any response back until Monday,” the Beverly Hills, 90210, alum, 45, told Us Weekly exclusively at the Kidz Bop Los Angeles Special Fan Event on Saturday, June 1. “People respect me for that, truly. Everybody understands how we do it and they’re totally OK with it. … It’s very freeing.”

The Alexa & Katie actress added: “My hours aren’t crazy. I’m on a sitcom. So I’m home by dinner, I’m around in the morning to get them ready for school and I’m around all weekend.”

By “unplugging” when she’s out of work, the You’re Missing It author and her husband, Brady Smith, are able to focus fully on their children — Harper, 8, and Holt, 3 — and not miss “those beautiful simple moments because they do go fast.”

Thiessen already sees so much of herself in her daughter, telling Us, “The way she gets ready definitely reminds me of me when I was younger. She likes to prepare. She’s got my type-A personality. I don’t mind that. … But [she’s] also very much like her daddy, too. She’s a free spirit.”

The California native went on to share one of Holt’s funniest moments. “Harper put temporary tattoos on my son’s butt,” she told Us. “Gingerbread cookie tattoos on his tush. … I was definitely surprised when I saw it when he pulled down his pants.”

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