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The who vs cesarean section: why scientists encourage women to give birth?

In the world are born every year 140 million children. Most of them run smoothly, but the number of caesarean sections over the past 15 years has increased almost in 2 times: from 12% to 21%. In some States this figure is closer to 40%. According to the who, this is an unnecessary and dangerous abuse of the surgeon.

How to do a C-section?

Usually the operation is performed under local anesthesia: the woman remains conscious, talking with doctors, he sees the child. The mother cut the abdominal wall and the uterus and then remove baby.

The procedure is very fast: from the first incision to the extraction of the baby is not more than 15 minutes. After cesarean can have a natural birth, once the woman had the surgery, it does not mean that it is also needed.

Why is it necessary?

Here are the most common indications: multiple pregnancy, large fetus, placenta percreta, pelvic or transverse presentation of the child. The decision on emergency operations can also accept, if the birth be delayed. Or if there is a threat to the life of the baby, the doctors noticed the signs of oxygen starvation, irregular heartbeat, etc.

Why such operations has become more?

Many women believe that childbirth is a very painful, scary and dangerous. Therefore, pregnant women decide on cesarean without indications: like as I lie down for 15 minutes, and the child is already lying on the stomach. No tears, no pain, no libido problems.

Besides, people in developed countries, rising incomes, together with access to a variety of procedures.

Why is that bad?

Childbirth is indeed scary and painful, but at the same time it is a completely natural process. There is no need to cut the abdomen, if the process proceeds normally. The risks of such manipulation will only increase, and pain can be several times higher than the feeling after a natural birth.

Who experts believe that the likelihood of complications due to cesarean excessively high, and its use is often unjustified. That said representative Marlin of Relationships: “Women who get a cesarean, are at higher risk of bleeding. Also do not forget about the scars that were left from the previous birth, since by surgery… In some developed countries, where they often do a C-section was a higher maternal mortality rate compared to other developed countries. Of course, this operation is not the main cause of mortality among pregnant women, but the connection definitely exists.”

And what of this conclusion?

And it is very simple. Experts who believe that future mothers need to talk honestly about all the pros and cons of caesarean section. What we now did.

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