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Redditors Are Cackling At This Woman's Angry Reaction to Her Dog Being Treated Differently Than Her Human Nephew

The evolution of the modern family has expanded beyond human beings you share genetics with — family is now, more than ever, widely accepted to include people you’ve chosen to be a part of your close-knit circle, as well as furry friends who are less like pets and more like children. A nuclear family is great, but so is a chosen family, or a blend of the two — unless you’re this Redditor’s unsatisfied sister.

Taking to the forum’s “Am I The A—hole” subreddit, a man explained the holiday hosting arrangement between himself and his wife, his parents, and his sister. Since he and his wife hosted Christmas for his family, his sister — who “is vocally child-free,” but does have a dog — was hosting for New Year’s Eve. The man wrote, “I love my sister, but we are very much opposites. When I had my kid it changed our relationship a bit. She tolerates (her words) my son. She has never watched him, I’ve also never asked. My son is present at all family functions, this annoys my sister.”

Explaining their sibling dynamic further, he continued, “My sister has turned into your classic dog mom. World revolves around the dog type. I do not own dogs, and really don’t want to be around them. I don’t want them in my house.” He shared that his sister wanted to bring her dog to his place for Christmas, and although the pet is “well-trained and overall okay for a dog,” he didn’t want her to bring the pup along for the day. “She complied and left it alone but was not happy about and let me know that several times,” the man explained.

The dad continued, “The day before New Year’s Eve, she told me kids weren’t welcome at her house. I was taken back by this and asked why. She just said alcohol would be present (we all drink and family friends also come to this party), and just said it wouldn’t be appropriate for a 2-year-old to be present.”

Because of his sister’s wishes, the man explains that he and his wife decided to stay home with their child. “Wife and I treated it like any other night,” he explained, continuing, “We didn’t even stay up till midnight. By Eleven, I noticed missed calls from [my sister], and didn’t answer. Fell asleep while texts started coming in. Calling me an a—hole. Calling me a dog hater. Saying it was rude I didn’t come to the party. Said it was bullsh*t that she got my kid a Christmas present but [I] didn’t get her dog anything.” In need of outside opinions on the situation, OP asks the all-important question: “AITA?”

One Redditor summed up the laughable situation quickly and concisely: “I know this must have been super unpleasant to deal with, but it cracked me up. Your sister sounds … difficult. NTA.” Another user agreed, writing, “Difficult, entitled, arduous is the sister and it’s all sad yet oddly funny in a warped Reddit way. OP NTA.”

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Pro-dog people sided with OP as well, with one person commenting, “As someone who gets dogs Christmas presents, NTA.” In response, a cheeky user sarcastically replied, “Come now I’m sure that dog was heartbroken for the lack of a sack of beggin strips from Uncle OP.”

Nailing the entire scenario analysis on the head, another Redditor wrote, “NTA — I say this as a kid and dog lover. She was testing you and wanted you to protest when she said that her nephew wasn’t welcome. You didn’t take the bait and she ironically threw a toddler-sized tantrum. Good for you and your wife for not arguing, complying, and staying home. The only misstep is that you called her back, should’ve just ignored it. I would leave it alone, this is a her problem not a you problem and no you didn’t need to get her dog a gift. I rolled my eyes at that one.”

We can understand the sister being a little miffed about not being able to bring her dog to Christmas, but the drunk rant was definitely dramatic, especially the whole gift bit — and Reddit seems to paw-ssionately agree.

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