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People Are Praising Kate Middleton for ‘Keeping it Simple’ by Flying Economy & Having Her Kids Carry Their Own Luggage

Flying with kids is complicated, to say the least. You have to deal with cranky, bored little ones, and passengers who can be so rude. That’s one reason why many celebrities, like the Kardashians, choose to fly private. But in a surprising twist, Kate Middleton decided to take an economy flight with two of her kids — Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4 — according to an eagled-eyed TikToker on the same flight, and fans were loving the thoughtful gesture.

“On a flight to Scotland, Kate Middleton, both kids a nanny and security 2 rows in front of me,” TikTok user @turbom1k3y wrote on Monday, alongside a video of the Duchess of Cambridge boarding a flight. In the video, the person appears to be watching the royal family from the airplane window as they disembark. They zoom in on Middleton holding Charlotte’s hand as they leave, with Middleton holding a purse and Charlotte carrying a pink bag. Prince Louis has a blue backpack, and their nanny follows holding a bag as well.

The video quickly went viral, racking up 1.8 million views as of today. The creator added a comment, praising the royal family for flying economy.

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“Could get a private jet or helicopter but keeping it simple,” they wrote. “Flying economy, she even got up half way through the flight to get her daughter’s iPad .”

The person added that Middleton was “stunning,” writing, “And yes she was stunning, even gave me a smile while looking back at row behind her to talk to her son.”

The cost of living crisis and inflation — not to mention climate change — has many people side-eyeing celebrities who insensitively fly their private jets on the regular, including Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, and Travis Scott among others, according to this study by the Yard.  So fans were definitely impressed by this show of solidarity from Middleton and her two youngest kids.

“I actually appreciate them using normal modes of transport,” someone commented.

“I mean fair play to them for flying economy cause they don’t have to 😂,” one person wrote. Another said, “Love Kate Middleton, she seems to get everything right all the time.”

“Catherine is a stunning woman who carries herself with dignity humility and grace…big respect to her and her family 🥰,” one person wrote, with the video creator responding, “She carried herself extremely well .”

“Prince Louis carrying his own bag pack is so cute,” someone else wrote.

The royal family are going to Scotland to visit Queen Elizabeth II at her Balmoral estate, where she traditionally spends the late summer months. Prince William and Prince George, 9, flew separately. It seems like they are spending some leisure time with the Queen before Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis start at Lambrook School in September and the family moves to Adelaide Cottage in Berkshire.

These relatable moments show that Kate Middleton may be a royal mom — but she’s a regular mom too.

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