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Is This Really Kate Middleton Strolling Unnoticed With Prince Louis?

Kate Middleton had a special secret Valentine’s date with Prince Louis — and (almost) no one noticed.

Yes, getting to borrow royal tiaras and jet around the globe in fab outfits are pretty nice perks to royal living. But Kate Middleton — otherwise known as Duchess Catherine of Cambridge — seems like a pretty shy, down-to-earth human at heart. In fact, her shy side-glances sometimes remind us of her famous late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. Kate seems most comfortable when she’s surrounded by children — not dignitaries. And sometimes, a mom just wants to be a mom — not a tiara-sporting target for pushy paparazzi.

So was it Kate wearing a puffy bomber jacket, running pants and New Balance trainers pushing Louis in a stroller mostly undisturbed? Sharp-eyed Instagrammers are swearing it was the duchess herself — and that everyone respected her space and allowed her to enjoy a peaceful outing with little Louis, who turns 1 in April. That almost melts our cynical hearts.

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Whenever I post candid photos of Kate I get a lot of questions about security. Are her PPOs (personal protection officers) with her? Does she walk alone? I don’t think Kate ever really walks alone anymore, and certainly never in London with her babies. The PPOs are always there. Obviously they try to blend in, both to permit Kate a sense of normalcy and so as not to draw anymore attention than is necessary. This video from today is a good example. The woman who steps forward assertively is one of Kate’s protection team. Also, people ask why we don’t see candids as much, and I have mentioned that Kate’s security really tries to discourage it. If you consider how far away the two who were filming this video were, you can see that the security team is very alert and very protective about signaling displeasure when cameras come out. You can see all the Stories and videos over on @sedaakkul . . . #katemiddleton #duchesskate #princesskate #theduchessofcambridge #princelouis #kensingtonpalace #kensingtongardens #duchessofcambridge #duchesscatherine #hrhduchessofcambridge #katecambridge #replikate

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