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How to home-school your child during the coronavirus crisis

Kids are used to classroom discipline and therefore as a parent, you need to involve them in new classroom plans at home.

Alka Kapur

As the Coronavirus menace continues to rampage worldwide, the entire world engine, it appears, has been brought to a halt. From industries to institutions, everything is being shutdown to prevent the further spread of this sweeping pandemic. During times like these, when schools have been shutdown, it becomes the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their children do not fall back in their studies – and hence the only feasible option that remains available is home schooling. Before educational institutions became popular, home schooling was a  in today’s commonplace.Even in today’s scenario, it has certain distinct benefits. Let’s see how you can home school your kid efficiently during these tough times.

Find how your kid likes to learn

According to experts in the field of education, children may be more interested towards learning at home if you mix in topics that they like. Many parents, rights now, are leaning towards art and crafts, painting and online learning. These activities are fun for children and hence serve as excellent mediums for teaching. It might also give parents an opportunity to explore their children’s different interests and find out the one they’re best at. Once they know that, they can then support their children in pursuing those subjects in the longer run – which may eventually carve out a career for them later.

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Maintain classroom discipline at home

There’s a difference between giving breathing space to your children during the learning process or letting them loose altogether. The latter is certainly not advisable. Kids are used to classroom discipline and therefore as a parent, you need to involve them in new classroom plans at home. The first thing you need to do is ensure that your child is part of the process. Sit with them and come up with a schedule. Make them a part of the process and take inputs like, when do they want to read, when do they want to do Maths, or when do they want the school to start and finish.

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Collaborate and build a community

Given the state of technology these days, community building and collaborating has become really simple. With face-timing, online classrooms, and chat groups, learning can be made much more interactive, easy and fun loving. By doing so, the parents can share learning resources and tips. This would motivates childrenl as they can learn along with their friends even from a distance. This also maintains a sense of competition among the students and they work hard to get better, just like they would at school. Online classrooms and e-learning has been out there for a while but now is the time when the full potential of this tool needs to be utilised.

Schools might be closed but for those who want to learn and those who want to teach, there are plenty of opportunities to continue basking in the sunlight of knowledge.

(The author is principal, Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi)

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