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Halloween 2019: Pumpkins to spiders, easy DIY paper crafts for kids

Halloween 2019 DIY crafts: You don't have to get your kids expensive decorative items, These DIY Halloween crafts can be made just out of paper by following simple steps.

Halloween 2019: Apart from donning Halloween costumes, kids can also be encouraged to celebrate the day by decorating their homes with Halloween symbols. Here are four such DIY crafts kids can easily make just out of paper.

Paper ghost garland/pumpkin garlands

Paper ghost garlands or pumpkin garlands are very easy to make and are suitable for beginners. All you need for this is paper, pencil and a pair of scissors. You can encourage kids to make these and hang them in their room.

Spooky pop-up card

Kids who are creative and want to try something extraordinary this Halloween, can make DIY spooky pop-up cards for friends and family members.

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Paper spiders

Halloween decorations cannot really be complete without spiders. Get your kids to make paper spiderweb kirigami by following simple steps.

Paper pumpkin

Pumpkins are synomous with Halloween. And your kid can actually make paper pumpkins at home with simple stationary items. Once it is made, you can add some wrapped toys inside the pumpkin too.

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