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Early-trained children more often get ADHD diagnosis

Children are sent to school early, you will get more ADHD diagnoses than their older classmates. The report, US researchers at the Harvard University in the “New England Journal of Medicine”. An early school starting age could, therefore, conclusions to be wrong and, ultimately, to incorrect diagnoses, alert the physician.

ADHD is the most common mental illness in children and adolescence. Those Affected are easily distracted, are impulsive and often restless. Many of the children are treated with medication.

For their study, the researchers had data from more than 400,000 American girls and boys evaluated. In many US States the 1. September is the closing date for the Enrolment in a kind of pre-school:

  • Who to 31. August will be five years old must be enrolled in school.
  • Who after 1. September birthday, will have to wait a year.

The Rate of ADHD diagnosis and ADHD therapies was in the early-schooled, August children, 34 percent higher than in the case of less than a year later, attending school in September children, the researchers report. In US States where the Enrolment was more flexible, gave it this attention.

Perhaps ADHD will be überdiagnostiziert in many children, because they are comrades in the first years of schooling in comparison to their class is still relatively immature, said first author Timothy Layton.

Similar data from Germany

The study coincides with the results of past investigations, including a 2015 published evaluation of drug prescription data from Germany. Thus, 5.3 percent of the young school and elementary school students in the course of their schooling received an ADHD diagnosis, in the late school and it was only 4.3 percent.

“It may be that some of the children get a wrong label,” says ADHD expert Marcel Romanos. To a large number of false diagnoses of the Director of child and adolescent psychiatry at the University hospital of Würzburg, yet you believe not. Finally, the diagnosis will be made only if the persons Affected are affected in a number of areas of life, not only in the school. “Older children with an ADHD problem, can this compensate may be better and not fall on the teachers in the classroom, therefore,” he says.

Children’s later school was not a solution, says the psychiatrist. Positive Romanos finds that teachers today are very aware and the parents point out, when students ‘ concentration would have problems or not still could sit. “You do that very well, and this must be so, because the school of the new life is the focus of the children.”

Number of ADHD-increased diagnoses dramatically

The authors of the current studies, however, are not the only ones who warn against to many of the ADHD diagnoses. In the USA the number of people Affected has risen in the past 20 years, dramatically, alone in 2016 have been dealt with a communication from the Harvard Medical School estimated that more than five percent of children and adolescents with medications.

In Germany, ADHD is diagnosed according to the Robert Koch Institute, approximately 4.4 percent of 3-to 17 – Year-olds. Although the number of people Affected has gone in the past few years, a bit back, but only in boys in the age group of three to eight years. Drugs Romanos, one to two percent of the children.

Most of the active ingredient is methylphenidate, better known under the name Ritalin, is widely used. Recently, the drug must be prescribed at moderate expression of ADHD, often combined with behavioural therapy.