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Ashley Graham Is a ‘Tired’ Super Mom as She Breastfeeds Her Twins Malachi & Roman

Ashley Graham is like any super mom, tired and absolutely killing it. If you needed any further proof of that statement, just check out her newest Instagram post featuring her twin boys Malachi and Roman.

On June 10, Graham posted a photo of herself and her adorable little twins with the caption, “tired. but we’re here 🤍.”

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In the selfie, we see Graham posing for the camera while her twins Malachi and Roman are breastfeeding. Graham has shown fans her breastfeeding routine multiple times, shocking (and amazing) people with the fact that she’s breastfeeding both boys at the same time.

The super mom’s comment section was flooded with fans saying things like, “Go Ashley, you’re a super mom! 👏👏,” and “This is some superhero sh*t. Moms should run the world. ❤️.”

Graham and Justin Ervin met back in 2009, marrying a year later. Then in 2020, they welcomed a boy named Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin, 2, and on Jan. 2022, they welcomed their twins Malachi and Roman.

In a 2021 interview with Byrdie, Graham said that “balance doesn’t exist” when it comes to life and motherhood. She said, “It’s more about how you are managing everything you put on your plate. I had a conversation with Arianna Huffington on my podcast Pretty Big Deal [about what it’s like to be a working mom] and the advice she gave is to tell yourself that mom guilt does not exist. Just tell yourself that. Then you’ll be fine.”

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