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10 ways to entertain your sick child at home

Our little ones demand a lot of attention and care when they are not keeping well. In fact, we dedicate ourselves entirely to ensure that our child is comfortable. The bitterness of medicines and the inability to go out to have fun with friends annoys kids. Here are some fun ideas to entertain your child while he/she is ill.

Watch a fun movie

Movies, especially animated and action films, make kids happy. So, plug in and play their favourite movie. Make an event of it by snuggling up in bed with them and watching together.

Walk down memory lane

Kids love hearing about the times when they were little babies or stories from when they were toddlers. So, narrate their naughty childhood tales to keep their minds off the discomfort they may be feeling.

Board games

If your child is unable to go out and play with friends, board games always work, particularly since you can play them in bed. Take out their favourite board game, like Scrabble or Ludo, and play along. Play fair, but give them ample opportunities to win, and they’re sure to be smiling at the end of it. Make sure they get their rest after the game!

Cook for them

If your little munchkin is not keeping well, feed them their favourite homemade food, as long as it goes with what the doctor ordered. Make sure it’s healthy and try feeding them with your own hands. Trust us, they will feel a sense of security and love.

Give them a spa

We all know that nothing is more relaxing than hitting the spa. Arrange a spa at home by giving them a hot shower and steam. You can also massage their body to ease out their pain. A bubble bath can also work for the little ones if it is not cold outside.

Plan a vacation

Kids often feel vulnerable when they are not keeping well. To divert their mind from their present state, do a little planning with them. Choose their favourite vacation and make a plan to visit there soon. Engage them in listing down the things to do, places to visit, restaurants to explore, etc.

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Do some role-playing

Play a pretend game, where your child is the Prince/Princess who never steps down from the throne. Be their special handmaiden who carries out all their orders with delight. Make them feel special.

Buy them a gift

If your little one is not keeping well and you want to make him/her feel special, buy them a gift. Now is the time to pamper them.

Narrate a bedtime story

Pick up your child’s favourite storybook and read aloud a story to them. They will not only feel relaxed but it will help them to have a great sleep too.

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Pamper them

It’s the time when your kids need your special attention. You can oil their hair, trim their nails, brush their hair, dress them comfortably, etc.

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