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What can harm avocado

Usually avocado is entered in various lists of the most healthy products. But the American researchers advised caution in the use of avocado – it turns out that this saturated important trace elements in the product may harm.

In the composition of avocado contains more than twenty natural vitamins and minerals. Scientists are aware of the many health properties of the avocado – its use helps to normalize blood circulation, a more active expenditure of fat.

At the same time, experts warned that avocado consumption is associated with proyavleniem effects that can spoil well-being, and sometimes substantially.

What avocado can be harmful to the body? According to the researchers, seeds and avocado contain substances that are in contact with the pulp, and then into the stomach, is able to give the effect of toxins. As a result, a person manifests the symptoms of allergies. Particularly strong in this respect can not harm ripened fruit.

Consumption of too much avocado zealous lovers of this fruit can easily lead krishnama weight, additionally warned the experts. In avocado a lot of fat, forget about it not worth it. Vegetable fats can contribute to increase cholesterol.

In addition, doctors recommend to remember that the avocado is not suitable for the diet of nursing mothers is a matter of avocado significantly reduce the amount of milk. Also avocado is not suitable for pecuniarily women.

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