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Vegan diet in children contributes to epilepsy

In Denmark has received public attention the debate that has arisen because of the growing number of families in which children eat vegan. My opinion on this matter was expressed by a leading Danish medical expert Alan Lund, he published an edition of The Sun. Specialist is convinced that a vegan diet in children contributes to the development of serious health consequences.

“In children following a vegan diet contributes to health problems, including epilepsy and developmental disorders,” said Lund.
The doctor said that a vegan diet can lead to development of pathologies of children’s brain. Thus, according to him, it is possible to observe muscle weakness, introversion. In the future, probably, and the development of epilepsy, mental retardation.

His statement Lund made after the children adhere to a vegan diet, along with parents, were examined at the medical center. This study showed that the lack in the child’s diet dairy products, eggs, meat and fish (main sources of vitamin B12) contributes to the development of abnormalities in the growing organism.

“Vitamin B12 is one of the most important in the diet of children, it should be no less than 0.9 micrograms per day at the age of 3 and 2.4 micrograms per day when reaching adolescence. Vitamin a deficiency leads to mental retardation, anemia, and chronic fatigue,” – said the expert.
The specialist added that any restrictions in a child’s diet, parents should enter only after consultation with your doctor.

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