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Thin without a diet: 7 steps, you’ll be slim and stay there also

That supposed miracle diets do not work, we have all experienced it. In most cases, we take too much too quickly. In the process, begins to Decrease is not the next diet, but in the head.

The influence of one’s own consciousness – and even more of the subconscious – our character is increasingly becoming the focus of research. The findings clearly show that There is a close connection between the head and the body, between the weight and awareness. That means in plain text: it is Only through our inner attitude, we can be permanently slim and especially.

Slim think so – but how? The following Mental tips will help you “lean thinking” and have an enormous effect:

1. The question of “Why”?

You wonder why you have your desired weight and listen in. There is something in your life, not running around? You have grief or Stress that is bothering you? Negative emotions act on the metabolism – the result is often a fat-curves, or grief bacon. Therefore it pays to recognize when you overeat and why.

It is because they have Stress in the Job or the dispute with the Partner? You eat out of frustration or as a reward? Take your time and discover your reason. Then it will also be much easier to combat the extra pounds.

About the expert

Ulrich Oldehaver, a successful performance athlete, mental coach and Director of Minor Supervisory. He has worked for over 25 years, maximizing performance and potential development. Today he passes on his Knowledge in coaching and seminars. Oldehaver parts of the German Olympic care team as well as managers and people who want to lead a successful life. He has been working for decades with Doctors and top athletes.

2. Set yourself a clear goal

“I think I need to lose weight”, “tomorrow I’ll eat less”: The rates, the decrease your goal from the outset to Fail. Because the first step to successfully losing weight is to define a clear goal. “Until the end of August I want to lose 5 pounds” or “In 6 weeks I want to fit back into my Jeans”.

Concrete goals make it easier your way. It is important that your goals are unrealistic – smaller goals or milestones to help you first success stories. And every little success motivates and keeps you going. In order to have your goal always in front of eyes, you should make a note of it and then a visible place.

3. You have the right Motivation?

My husband wants me to finally take”, “My children find me to be thick” – these sentences have one thing in common: they show that your Motivation to lose weight is not by you. Why is this so important? Because people are proven to be much more successful if you do things of their own accord.

Consider, therefore, what could be your personal drive, independent of the Other: “I want to live healthier, fitter, or me just feel more comfortable in my skin” – run your own Motivation to lose weight and make you aware of the fact that you do something for yourself and not for Others. This will help you permanently keep that up and to pursue your goal successfully.

4. You consciously think positive!

Your thoughts affect your Actions and who whines all the time and making excuses of addiction will lose their Motivation quickly. You formulate your negative phrases such as “I’ll always dick”, for example, in “I will lose weight”. The more you do, the more the will is anchored to the Slimming in your brain, you will be more motivated and easier to take.

Forget their failures, but to “celebrate” your successes and you will enjoy every Kilo that you bring you closer to your destination.