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The most useful dried fruit for women called prunes

American scientists have studied the effect of dried fruit on the health of women. It turned out that the most useful of them can be prunes. This product perfectly strengthens the skeleton of the fair sex.

Prunes contain some useful substances, which can increase the bone strength of women. In addition, researchers from the US found that if you regularly use this dried fruit in food, you can reduce the risk of osteoporosis. The so-called washout required for good health minerals from the bones. This process leads to fragility of the skeleton.

To conduct a new experiment, American scientists have observed 2 groups of women. The participants of the first group suggested every day to eat a few prunes, while the second girl ate dried apples. In the end the women included in the diet dry plums, showed better bone strength.

The researchers stressed that the fruits – the foods that can be consumed in reasonable quantities without harm to harmony. Dried fruit strengthens the vascular tissue, cleanse the intestines and protect against blood clots. Prunes, in particular, also increases the level of hemoglobin.

At the same time, British scientists have made a list of foods that can maintain health at a normal level thanks to the ability to restore the body. Among them are peanut butter, celery, mango, eggs, avocado, cashew, curry, chocolate, rye bread and lettuce.

To protect the brain from aging and improve blood circulation in the body is to drink orange juice. Scientists have noted that this product can reduce the risk of dementia by 47%.