Health Problems

The diet of Russians criticized the health Ministry

The head of the Ministry of health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova expressed a critical opinion about food, peculiar to Russians. According to the head of the Ministry of health, our fellow citizens are not eating enough vegetables, but excess use of sugar and confectionery.

Veronika Skvortsova said that in 2017 the consumption of vegetables by Russians amounted to 73% of the doctor recommended standards, while the volume of sugar eaten – as much as 130%. This trend is typical for the power of the Russians, the Ministry of health critically evaluate. Improper diet leads to rapid growth of obesity in the country.

“At the age of 35-40 years obese and 27% of men and 25% women, and at the age of 55?64 — 36% and 52%, respectively. (I) twofold increase in the prevalence of obesity in men from 12% to 27%,” – said Skvortsov.
The health Minister noted that as measures to improve nutrition among the Russians at the Ministry develops measures aimed at reducing consumption of sugar Russians. According to the head of the Ministry of health, one such measure could be the introduction of excise taxes on products with high sugar content, such as beverages.

Also, the Ministry of health of Russians criticized for the unbridled love of fast food. According to Veronika Skvortsova, every fifth Russian eats fast food every day, and especially this habit is common in Metropolitan areas.

Before the CPS was announced information about what more than half of the deaths of Russians is associated with malnutrition, namely, the abuse of sugar, salt and fatty foods, which leads to development of lethal abnormalities in the body. The Agency estimated that 63% of deaths of Russians is caused by diseases which develop in connection with poor nutrition.

In addition, the Russians were the leaders in the number of deaths from alcohol and tobacco.